Your Daily Existentialism:

"You argue and you bicker and you fight
Atheists and Catholics, Jews and Hindus argue day and night
Over what they think is true
But no one entertains the thought that maybe God does not believe in you

You pray so badly for heaven
Knowing any day might be the day that you die
But maybe life on earth could be heaven
Doesn’t just the thought of it make it worth a try”


“Phenomenal nature shadows him wherever he goes. Clouds in the staring sky transmit to each other, by means of slow signs, incredibly detailed information regarding him. His in- most thoughts are discussed at nightfall, in manual alphabet, by darkly gesticulating trees. Pebbles or stains or sun flecks form patterns representing, in some awful way, messages that he must intercept. Everything is a cipher and of everything he is the theme.”
“He was not conscious of an effort, but a sharp pain in his wrist apprised him that he was trying to free his hands. He gave the struggle his attention, as an idler might observe the feat of a juggler, without interest in the outcome. What splendid effort! - what magnificent, what superhuman strength! Ah, that was a fine endeavor! Bravo! The cord fell away; his arms parted and floated upward, the hands dimly seen on each side in the growing light. He watched them with a new interest as first one and then the other pounced upon the noose at his neck.”
— "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" by Ambrose Bierce |
“There he goes. One of God’s own prototypes. Some kind of high-powered mutant never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.”
— Hunter S Thompson (via graphtones)


Remember to look up. Beauty is just out the window. Keep pace while realizing the adventure. Cheers, my friends. (at Treehouse Vineyards)

A quiet afternoon floating in the trees. We shared the view with a couple dozen birds and squirrels. A Robin came right up to us to say hello. (at Treehouse Vineyards)

We spent a rainy afternoon studying the cultivation of Muscadine grapes and their transformation into wine. I must say, drink local! (at Treehouse Vineyards)

By far the most fun version/remix of “Sail” I have heard yet. DevilDriver hooks it up with some gnarly guitar fuzz. Random fact, the band’s name refers to bells Italian Wiccans used to drive evil forces away.


This film score composer is fulfilling me. Pretty amazing the volume and quality of his works. Danny Elfman has scored nearly every Tim Burton movie and, not surprisingly, chills with Johnny Depp often. My kind of crew! Enjoying this theme from “Alice in Wonderland.”


Holy sh*t another Gotye song that matters: “Hearts A Mess”. Spooky love lyrics again though. I’ll take what I can get.

"Pick apart
The pieces of your heart
And let me peer inside
Let me in
Where only your thoughts have been
Let me occupy your mind
As you do mine

Your heart’s a mess
You won’t admit to it
It makes no sense
But I’m desperate to connect
You can’t live like this”