This dude… his mind is all over the place. Hilarious and slightly wicked. I’d hang.

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+ Lyrics:

This last weekend was absolutely wonderful. Great balance of fun, relaxation, and personal development. Feeling refreshed. I miss my friends and their pups already though! (at Charlotte, North Carolina)

The solo is in contention for greatest guitar solos of my time.

"I close my eyes
And sink within myself
Relive the gift of precious memories
In need of a fix called innocence

Symbolic acts - so vivid
Yet at the same time
Were invisible

Savor what you feel and what you see
Things that may not seem important now
But may be tomorrow”

+ On lead guitar, Schuldiner:

Haha. Trying to get pumped for my first basketball game in the Red Ventures’ Summer League playoffs. This is almost too much right now.

I could listen to this everyday.

"I can feel their eyes are watching
In case I lose myself again
Sometimes I think I’m happy here
Sometimes, yet I still pretend
I can’t remember how this got started
But I can tell you exactly how it will end”

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Yeah, this is simply pleasant to code/think to.


Another gem for those who enjoy the dark side of new wave (e.g. Depeche Mode). If you like 80’s electronic pop and anything by Nine Inch Nails, you have a good chance of enjoying this album too.

"Sitting in the early train, on
Sunday morning and it’s pouring rain, and I’m
Dying like I used to do with a
Head and heart so full of you, and then
Feelings come and feelings go, but
When they stop I’ll never know, and I’m
Unaware of what you say, and I
I really don’t care anyway, oh no”

See ya Monday crazy trippy disco staircase at work! Time for three days of playtime (and a little studying of the basics of data science). (at Red Ventures)

Not sure how I miss this stuff but this was pretty alright.