This is a solid freaking remix!

Ever wanted to know what the malformed children of Queens of the Stone Age and Marilyn Manson would sound like? Of course not. Well, anyway…

+ Another track I like by them:

Last 90’s dance song I’ll mention today. FREAKING CLASSIC

"Everybody dance now!

Pause take a breath and go for yours on my command
Now hit the dance floor it’s gonna make you sweat till you bleed
Is that dope enough indeed I paid the price to control the dice
I’m more precise to the point I’m nice
Let the music take control of your heart and soul
Unfold your body is free and behold
Dance till you can’t dance till you can’t dance no more”


hahaha this is a real song

I still hardly understand the lyrics, just like when I was skating around the rink at 8 years old, but the beat is still making me dance. Only difference is now I am dancing on the inside because I am at work and my dance skills have not improved since the original song came out DECADES ago.


This piece is eerie turns mystical. A great blend of hope and sad reflection.

“Please don’t flow so fast
You little mountain hum
I’ll take a bottle down to you

Please don’t flow this fast
You hold a little hum
I’ll bottle sounds of me for you

Please don’t flow so fast
You little mountain din
I’ll bottle piano sounds from you

Please don’t flow so fast
You little mountain noise
I’ll close my eyes and bite your tongue”


Found this Mantis meditating three stories up on my porch. It did not appear bothered by me though kept a watchful set of eyes on me. I carried all 4 or 5 inches of this sizeable insect down to a more wooded area. It blended in perfectly! (at Bexley Steelecroft Apartments)

Oh the things we can make together! (at The Wine Palette)

My pretty young thing took me out painting! It was exciting to express myself through an unfamiliar medium. Venue: (at The Wine Palette)

Touching. Take it.

"Keep knocking.
No one’s there.
Pouring down.
Near be felt
I’m out here, by myself,
All alone.
Ready to blow my head off.
I hurt so bad inside,
I wish you could see the world through my eyes.
Each day is the same,
I just wanna laugh again.”